Defending our community against the Bedroom Tax – residents meeting

QCHA Residents for Change with speaker from Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty.

* Find out how to appeal and gain an exemption
* Organise an anti eviction phone tree so that we can defend ourselves against bailiffs and sheriff officers

QCHA must :
* Reclassify homes so that there are no “spare bedrooms”
* Refuse to evict anyone due to the bedroom tax

Are you affected by the bedroom tax? Want to support others?


United we can make homes and a community we can be proud of.

Thursday 30th May. 7-9pm Woodside Halls, Glenfarg/Clarendon St.

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Meetings in May and June

Since the campaign against the rent hike a slowly growing group of us has been meeting.

The next two meetings are :
Thursday 11th April and Thursday 9th May. Both 7-9pm in Woodside Halls, Clarendon St.

Owning, renting or on benefits – all welcome!

Say NO to the bedroom tax, high rents, poor repair service, high factoring fees and charges. Say YES to a community and homes we can be proud of.

Please let us know if you want to be involved but can’t manage the meetings. We can make a difference to our community but we all need to do our bit. Please get in touch if you can help at all.

may and june

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Three Ways You Can Support Our Anti Rent Hike Campaign

We are fighting a 9.1% rent increase over 2 years. Here’s how you can support us.

1) Sign our online petition. Please say so if you live locally.

2) Call / fax / email QCHA and tell them what you think of the proposed rent increase of 4.6% on top of last year’s 4.5%. Tell them if you’re a tenant, a local resident or just a concerned citizen. Then comment below with what you and they said
Tel: 0141 945 3003 Fax: 0141 945 2429 Email :

3) Come on Friday when we hand in the paper and online petitions and invite your friends too.
Assemble 1:30 Friday 8th February outside 65 Cedar St. Middle of the 3 big grey tower blocks with red and blue striped sides behind Lidl on Maryhill Rd, 5 minutes from St George’s Cross.


This campaign has been launched in response to Queens Cross Housing Association’s proposed rent increase of 4.6% this year, following on from a 4.5% increase last year. This comes at a time when many people are already struggling to make ends meet – wages and benefits are frozen or decreasing whilst basic living costs are still on the rise.

Many residents are unhappy with Queens Cross already due to a range of issues, from essential repairs not being carried out to tower block lifts breaking down on a regular basis. Many of the flats in the area have not been properly insulated and as a result residents cannot afford extortionate heating bills. There are still problems of damp and mould in many flats, which clearly has a knock-on affect on people’s health and well-being.

QCHA announced a ‘consultation’ period which ends on 8th February, though many were rightfully skeptical as to how much they were going to be listened to. As a result, residents called a public meeting on 1st February which was attended by representatives from the Housing Association. Despite being confronted with angry residents who had a range of objections to the plans, Queens Cross seemed unable to justify the proposal and unable to answer a straight question!

In the days since that meeting we have launched a petition to show Queens Cross the strength of feeling against this proposal. We have been knocking doors, talking to our neighbours about the situation and collecting signatures. We also have a separate online petition so that those who live outside the area can show their support.

This Friday 8th February, on the last day of the ‘consultation’ we will be meeting outside the Cedar Court flats and going together to the Queens Cross offices to hand in our petitions.

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Join the Mass Delivery of Petitions to QCHA

Assemble outside 65 Cedar St* to take petitions against the rent hike to Queen’s Cross Housing Association. Meet at 1:30 to all go together at 2pm on the closing day of the consultation, Friday 8th February.

Everyone welcome. Family friendly.

Non QCHA tenants, please come support us! Show QCHA we are not fighting them alone but have solidarity against their attempt to extort more rent out of us, without giving us basics of dry, warm housing. And we’ll be there to support you when you need it!

Online petition to supplement the paper one :

Facebook event

65 Cedar St. Middle of 3 big grey tower blocks with red and blue striped sides behind Lidl on Maryhill Rd

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Online petition

Please sign and share! This is to supplement the paper petition we’re taking door to door. Today we did all the North Woodside Rd QCHA flats and got really positive responses to the campaign. Dampness is rife there and yet QCHA still want to increase their rent! We need to stand together as QCHA tenants no matter which neighbourhood we’re in. The 4.6% rent hike is throughout all QCHA properties.

Petition - No to Queen's Cross Housing Association Rent Hike - GoPetition

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Meeting success plus evening times want to run a story on us

Thanks to everyone who came along last night. 40 tenants confronted 3 QCHA managers and we told them what we thought of their rent hike and the reality of living in these damp, drafty flats. Lots of awful stories of mould in the flats, people having to endure rubbish repair service, getting stuck in the lifts and substandard heating. Then we kicked them out to talk amongst ourselves about whether they were listening at all and what to do next.

Also just spoke to The Evening Times and they’re going to run a story on our campaign! They’re going to phone me back on Monday and arrange to come on Tuesday to take a photo of tenants and banners up because its too late to do it this week. Hope the weather is better next week. Please say if you can be around Tuesday morning / daytime so we can make sure there’s a lot of us around and banners out!

We need more QCHA tenants to get involved. Please spread the news of this campaign – together we have a strong and powerful voice.

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Meeting is tonight!

Looking to be too wild again today to put more banners out. QXHA in black magic pact with the rain gods? 😉 More leafleting and door knocking today, as well as getting contact sheets etc ready for tonight’s meeting. all help appreciated! comment below or send a message if you can spare an hour or so. looking like tonight’s meeting will be big! I’m definitely not feeling like I’m alone with being frustrated and angry with qxha for the way they’re treating us.

Here’s a picture of the banners drying yesterday.

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